By: Bruce Nault II - Blissful Place 🏝️    

Building my email newsletter list was the best decision I have ever made as an online entrepreneur.

I’ve sold over $1.5 million of a $6 product online as a direct result of my email newsletter. I still get incredibly excited to this day every single time someone new subscribes. For a while there, though, my rapidly growing subscriber count started to cause me quite a bit of severe anxiety.

Most do-it-yourself email marketing services charge a monthly fee based on your total number of subscribers.

That’s great news at first when you are just starting.

Some of the most popular services will let you get started for free. They will only charge you a monthly fee once you reach a certain number of subscribers. Once you’ve reached that number, you’re almost definitely making money off of your list at that point, so you are happy to subscribe.

As the number of subscribers continues to grow, that monthly charge can start to get out of control very quickly.

Before long, I was horrified by how much email newsletter service was costing me.

Thankfully, I found a much better solution:

Sendy ✉️ (Affiliate Link)

Sendy is a powerful self-hosted email marketing software that connects to Amazon’s Simple Email Service (SES). Sendy is a self-hosted software, meaning you will need a web hosting account to install the software on, but you probably already have one for your website. If you don’t, a VPS server that costs under $10/month is all you need, or you can easily request that Sendy install the software for you on an equally inexpensive Amazon EC2 server at the time of purchase.

There are no monthly fees for using Sendy. You pay $69 one time to purchase the software. Then, you only pay $0.10 to Amazon’s Simple Email Service for every 1,000 emails the software sends.

That means if you have 5,000 subscribers on your list, you’ll now only pay $0.50 each time you send out your email newsletter with no monthly software fees.

Sendy does everything I need my email marketing software to do and more, saving me hundreds of dollars every month.

I am so grateful that I discovered this fantastic solution!

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