By: Bruce Nault II - Blissful Place 🏝️    

I recently signed up for Ship 30 for 30, an online writing course focused on publishing a short essay online every single day for 30 days in a row. This is Day 1, and this is my first essay.

Why am I doing this? I’ve wanted to share my story online for quite a while now, but have always come up with an excuse to put it off another day. Getting started with something new always seems to be the hardest part.

Here are a few obstacles that I always struggle with when I want to start something new:

  1. Perfectionism.  
  2. Fear of Judgement.
  3. Poor Time Management.

Today I am in the best mental and physical shape of my life thanks to my decision a few years ago to just get started with a new daily diet and exercise routine.   

I showed up every single day, despite these obstacles, even when I didn’t want to. Amazing things happened as a result. 

I’m so excited to see how my life is about to change because today, I decided to just get started writing online. I’m committing now to consistently showing up to do so every single day for the next 30 days, despite these recurring obstacles.

I invite you to follow along and join me on this adventure.   

Let’s get started!

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