By: Bruce Nault II - Blissful Place 🏝️    

I’ve always found happiness to be a really fascinating thing.

It’s always been interesting to me how some people can appear to have everything going well for them in life, yet they are extremely unhappy.

They’ve got great careers, beautiful families, live in a nice house, and drive nice cars, yet they are absolutely miserable.

On the other hand, I also know many people who have been dealt a rough hand in life. So many of them face real struggles and barely get by, yet they are some of the happiest people I have ever met.

Over time, I’ve come to realize the one thing that all of the happiest people I know have in common:

Happy people choose to focus on the things that are going well in their life, not the things that aren’t. 😀

On the flip side, unhappy people tend to focus their attention on the things that aren’t currently going well in their world.

The mindset we choose is so important.

The next time you find yourself feeling unhappy, try asking yourself these questions:

• What is good about this situation?
• What is going well right now?
• What am I grateful for today?

A simple change in perspective and shift in mindset can change everything.

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